Chapter 24. Ten Important Types of Web Sites

In This Chapter

  • Up-to-the-minute information

  • Social and personal information

  • Professional and personal connections

Web surfing with a BlackBerry has improved dramatically with the newer models. With higher screen resolution and bigger real estate, your BlackBerry should give you one good mobile Web-browsing experience. And, with a 3G connection, your Web browsing should be faster. Remember that by using Page view on your BlackBerry, where the Web page displays the way it does in your PC Web browser, you can maintain the browsing habits you have on your PC, but in a smaller package.

The Web site recommendations in this chapter are based on reviews in the public domain and sites that help when you're on the go.


You can keep up with weather changes at these sites:

  • ( provides the local weather forecast.

  • ( is smart enough to know that you're using a mobile device and displays a nice, trim version of its page with a few links to non-weather–related information.

If these two sites aren't enough, check out the "Search Engines, Directories, and Portals" section, later in this chapter. Major portals have weather information as well as traffic alerts and airport delays.


Most major news companies have mobile versions of their sites. This section gives you a sampling of what's out there. We list the same Web address you'd expect when browsing from your desktop. ...

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