Chapter 7. BES Administration

Hacks 72–84: Introduction

It’s fairly easy to get a BlackBerry Enterprise Server off the ground. However, as many a BlackBerry administrator will tell you, it is a difficult and time-consuming chore to keep the service running smoothly. For the most part, it is no fault of RIM’s—there are many tools provided that continue to go unused in many BlackBerry shops. There are more than a few tips and tricks to keep the BlackBerry server and your users happy. The motivated BlackBerry administrator will find several gems in this chapter from simply adding several users in one fell swoop [Hack #72] to implementing security [Hack #73] . There are several hacks you can use to send yourself proactive alerts when problems arise—just be careful when sending fault alerts to your BlackBerry, since your service may be down (that’s the whole point, right?). Of course, there is no substitute for a managed service—there are several companies who will manage your BlackBerry infrastructure for you.

Add Users to the BES in Bulk

Use a specially formatted file to add multiple users to your BlackBerry Enterprise Server in one fell swoop, saving you lots of pointing and clicking.

When a new user needs to be added to your BlackBerry Enterprise Server, normally you would add the user using the standard Add User function in the BlackBerry Management Console. You would choose to add a new user and then pick her name from your company’s address list. For one user at a time, this process ...

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