Creating the wood material for the table and the fence

The last material we will be dealing with in our scene is the wood of the table and the fence.

Getting ready

We saw how to create a parquet material in Chapter 3, Creating an Interior Scene, but this kind of wood is different. It is worn, and hence much less reflective. Let's see how we can deal with it. Let's move the sunlight back to the first layer and select the table mesh. Add a new material to it and name it WoodPlanks.

How to do it…

Let's see how to create the wood for the picnic table:

Creating the wooden planks

  1. Add Glossy BSDF and a Shader Mix node. Mix Glossy BSDF with the default Diffuse BSDF and set the Glossy influence to 15%.
  2. Change Roughness of Diffuse BSDF to 1 and Glossy BSDF distribution ...

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