9 Blockchain Application in Cryptocurrency

Atour Taghipour, Basma Addakiri, and XiaoWen Lu

DOI: 10.1201/9781003177432-13


  1. 9.1 Introduction
  2. 9.2 Literature Review and Literature Gap
    1. 9.2.1 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
      1. Blockchain
      2. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
    2. 9.2.2 The Application of Blockchain
      1. Field of Application
      2. Application Factors of Blockchain
  3. 9.3 Conclusion
  4. References

9.1 Introduction

The asset management and investing world are always changing and evolving. In a highly competitive industry, fund operators, corporations, and consumers are continuously looking for the most effective approach to differentiate themselves. Blockchains have been coupled with artificial intelligence and big data, ...

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