A Real Market Discount Corporate Bond

Figure 4.1 shows the Bloomberg Yield Analysis (YA) page for the 6 5/8% Ford Motor Co. bond that matures on October 1, 2028. Its flat price was 77 (percent of par value) for settlement on January 26, 2010. Its street convention yield to maturity was a hefty 9.229%, but that of course assumes no default. This bond was once investment grade—it was issued on September 30, 1998, as a 30-year noncallable offering at a de minimis OID price of 98.882 (percent of par value). It has since been downgraded to “junk” status—it is a classic “fallen angel” market discount bond.

FIGURE 4.1 Bloomberg Yield Analysis Page, Ford Motor 6 5/8% Bond Due 10/01/2028, Assuming 35% Ordinary Income Tax Rate and 20% Capital Gains Rate ...

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