Bonds Without Borders is a testimony to a fascinating period in the development of the international financial markets. Chris O'Malley in his different positions at Credit Suisse First Boston and Samuel Montagu was an active participant in the fastest growing securities market in the world. He has undertaken the difficult task of describing the different stages of the history of modern international bond markets. His painstaking research into the defining moments of the market deserves great applause and most importantly gives the reader a fascinating picture of the dynamic pioneering work of investment banks and their people. It shows their unlimited commitment to the expansion and creation of a borderless world in which capital is moved to where it is most needed, with the best risk adjusted returns. The missionary spirit of people like Chris helped to put together, piece by piece, a market that today provides US$2.5 trillion to supranationals, governments, and corporations alike.

Chris's insights into the workings of the market have allowed him to concentrate on the essentials and enable the reader to understand the enormous progress achieved over the years in allocating capital through free markets. This book catches the spirit which drove the markets towards globalisation; providing an enormous benefit to emerging countries, and helping billions of people to achieve economic progress. This book offers a very timely reminder of how important open markets are for ...

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