Chapter 10. Paddles: A Bluetooth Pong Tribute

The Classic Game of Pong

Back in 1974, a contractor at Atari named Steve Jobs teamed up with his friend Steve Wozniak to create a new version of an electronic game called Pong. They were creating a single-player version of this trendy video game. For a whopping $700, plus a bonus for low chip count, the two created the game in four days. Soon they teamed up for another project: building the legendary Apple computer.

It seems only fitting that we return Apple to its very deep roots. Our project for Bluetooth low energy slave mode is a tribute to Pong called Paddles (Figure 10-1) that uses two iPhones or iPads as game paddles and an iPad for the game display. The paddles use the built-in accelerometer to convert tilt into game paddle position, broadcasting changes to the iPad running the Paddles console. The ...

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