CHAPTER 14The Foreseeable Future

While this book was written to help both the investor and the entrepreneur learn what they need to know to succeed today, venture capital is all about the future. Hence, to succeed in venture capital today, you need to think right now about the future. Of course, we hope as well that this book remains helpful for you for many years to come.

We're bullish on the future of venture capital. For anyone who thinks the greatest innovations are behind us and questions how much is still left to invent, we would argue that the greatest days of innovation and hence of venture capital opportunity are still to come. While we doubt the readers of this book are such skeptics (if you were, we doubt you would have picked up this book), if you are, we offer a grateful thanks for leaving the wealth opportunity from future innovations in the hands of those of us who can still dream and think big.

The Case for Even Greater Innovation and Venture Capital Opportunity

From a natural historical and anthropological perspective, human beings as a species are just now undergoing the growing pains of early adolescence. In a world that is billions of years old, the modern human species as we know it has been around for only about 200,000 years. Civilization as we know it is only about 6,000 years old. Like adolescents, we are still developing the tools, concepts, understanding, and judgment which will serve us well as we come to a fuller realization and exercise of ...

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