Chapter 16. Mobile Apps Powered by WordPress

Mobile applications that run on iOS and Android powered by WordPress? Well, sure, why not? You can harness the capabilities of WordPress to power both native and hybrid mobile apps in many ways.

Before we dive into building mobile apps powered by WordPress, let’s think about possible use cases for building WordPress-powered apps. Although the sky’s the limit, think content-driven apps. We’ll also cover some things you should know about building hybrid mobile apps.

Mobile App Use Cases

OK, so we have mobile apps that can display content from a web app; how interactive can it really be? Hybrid WordPress-powered mobile apps can be as interactive as you want them to be! Anything you can do with WordPress you can do in your hybrid mobile app:

  • You can have your app users log in to your app via Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks that allow single sign-on (SSO).

  • Maybe your web app is an online store powered by WooCommerce: your mobile app allows your customers to browse and purchase products right from the app. Maybe your app enables multiple merchants to have stores on your network: with your app they can manage their inventory and upload photos of products in real time directly from their device.

  • Maybe you built a dating website with BuddyPress: making a branded mobile app for your dating service could help boost your member base if you gain popularity. With native device features like the camera, your social network members ...

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