Chapter 4

Target Practice: Targeting Desired Behaviors

In This Chapter

arrow Exploring and understanding behaviors

arrow Matching behaviors with customer-related objectives

arrow Aligning behaviors with employee-related objectives

arrow Understanding the difference between simple and complex behaviors

Chapter 3 identifies several key consumer-related and employee-related business objectives. These range from increasing engagement to speeding up business processes. In this chapter, you’ll discover some key behaviors that drive those objectives.

remember.eps Put simply, behaviors are the foundation of all gamification programs. It’s not enough to define your business objectives; you must determine which valuable user behaviors will drive them.

You can determine which game mechanics are most likely to drive those behaviors and reward users for performing them. (You’ll explore game mechanics in Chapter 6 and rewards in Chapter 5.)

Just what is a behavior? The simplest way to think about a behavior is as a verb — or, to ...

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