Chapter 9. Setting Up and Ensuring Ongoing Support


The previous chapters introduced you to the concepts you need to think about when setting up a competency center. But now, how do you get started? What process do you follow? This chapter introduces a suggested process for setting up a Business Intelligence Competency Center.

It captures the most important steps you would need to go through, starting with a high-level view of the implementation phases and drilling down to the specifics. (See Exhibit 9.1.)

I Business Intelligence Competency Center Setup: Overview

Figure 9.1. I Business Intelligence Competency Center Setup: Overview

The BICC setup includes these phases:

  • Orientation

  • Business Intelligence strategy assessment

  • Planning

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Implementation

  • Operation

Setup Process in Detail

Managing the setup process of a BICC will be subject to many factors. The BICC concept will become more and more clearly defined as you are going through the process. It is very important that, when moving through the different phases of the setup, you set clear decision points for moving forward.

The following pages contain exhibits describing the various BICC setup phases in more detail. The exhibits highlight the major tasks that would be accomplished in these phases. The tasks will not always be worked through in exactly the sequence that is shown. Some of them will be going on concurrently. However, the exhibits provide a comprehensive ...

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