Re-Draw Your Personal Business Model


Not everyone loves his politics, but former Vice President of the United States Al Gore is an extraordinary example of re-examining Purpose, perspective, and identity — and, as a result, successfully reinventing a personal business model.


Gore's renewal began after the 2000 presidential election. He won the popular vote by a margin of more than half a million, but lost the election when a legal controversy over vote recounting in Florida led the Supreme Court to rule in favor of George W. Bush. Disillusioned with public office, Gore lamented that “What politics has become is something that requires […] tolerance for artifice and manipulative communications strategies.”26 He resolved to “democratize television” by founding Current TV, a company whose user-generated content business model was revolutionary for cable television in 2002. Redoubling his longtime passion for environmental issues, he then launched an investment fund focused on corporations committed to economic and environmental sustainability.

Gore's reinvention peaked with the 2006 release of An Inconvenient Truth, an Academy Award-winning documentary featuring his PowerPoint presentation about global warming. As a politician, Gore had struggled for nearly three decades ...

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