Appendix B. Glossary

Ad-hoc report

A report you create on your own, using either Desktop Intelligence (DeskI) or Web Intelligence (WebI). An ad-hoc report is the opposite of a canned report.


The person responsible for your BusinessObjects XI Release 2 system. This person creates user accounts, sets permissions, and manages servers. Effectively, this person is the boss of the BusinessObjects environment.


See Application Foundation (AF).


See Application Programming Interface (API).

Application Foundation (AF)

This is the old name for the Performance Management tool for BusinessObjects version 6.0.

Application Programming Interface (API)

This is an interface that a computer program uses to respond to requests from the computer program.


In the report, this is a generic word for the table, crosstab, and charts.


An acronym for Business Objects; see Business Objects (BO).

Business intelligence (BI)

A somewhat generic term used for computer programs that store, analyze, and broadcast data to users to answer business questions. Frequently abbreviated as BI.

Business Objects (BO)

The name of the company that provides the BusinessObjects XI Release 2 suite. This is the former name of DeskIntelligence.


The business-intelligence (BI) suite of applications from Business Objects (note the space).


A small area of your computer’s hard drive used for temporary storage of frequently or recently used data. A prime example is the Internet Explorer cache. For performance ...

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