Chapter 2. Deploying on a Single Computer

In This Chapter

  • Checking the minimum requirements

  • Installing BusinessObjects Enterprise on your computer

Typically (as you might suspect), BusinessObjects XI Release 2 Enterprise is not to be found on just any old home computer. Most end users interact with the tools that make up this product suite over the Web, using InfoView. However, the following client tools are also available as stand-alone applications you can install on your local PC:

BusinessObjects Designer: Enables you to create Universes (which requires fewer superpowers than you may think).

Desktop Intelligence: Allows you to analyze data, perform ad-hoc queries to fetch new data, and create reports. Often referred to as DeskI.

Publishing Wizard: Makes it easier for you to add new documents to BusinessObjects XI Release 2 Enterprise.

Business Views Manager: A tool from the Crystal Reports world that lets you build Business Views — objects that give report designers and end users access to specific types of business information.

Import Wizard: Used by administrators to import user accounts, groups, reports, and folders from Crystal Enterprise, BusinessObjects, or Crystal Info into BusinessObjects XI Release 2 Enterprise.

Report Conversion Tool: Lets you convert Deski reports to the Web Intelligence (WebI) format, and then publish them.

SDKs: Used by developers to integrate Business Objects products into other applications.

In this chapter, we show you how to install these applications ...

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