Chapter 3. Performing a Server Installation

In This Chapter

  • Making sure you’re ready

  • Installing BusinessObjects Enterprise on your server

Although (as Chapter 2 describes) you can install some of the client tools that make up the BusinessObjects XI Release 2 Enterprise product suite on your local PC, the fact is, you’re far more likely to install the suite on a server. Then you can allow several, several dozen, or several hundred users to connect to these tools remotely over the Web.

This chapter describes how you perform such an installation — first by ensuring that you have everything in place before you start, and then by taking you through each of the steps involved.

Making Sure You’re Ready

Before you go anywhere near that shiny installation DVD, you must first examine the system you already have in place: Ensure that it meets the minimum requirements for running a server-based installation of the BusinessObects XI R2 product suite.

Minimum requirements

To run BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R2 effectively, your server must meet the following minimum hardware requirements:

Pentium III 700 MHz

1GB of RAM

5GB hard-drive space (plus 1.5GB for the Performance Management feature)

CD-ROM drive (unless you’re installing directly from a network)

You must also be running one of the following operating systems.

Windows 2000 SP4 Advanced Server

Windows 2000 SP4 Datacenter Server

Windows 2000 SP4 Server

Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

Windows Server 2003 Standard ...

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