Chapter 18. Specialized Tools and Techniques


Section 18.1 Optimizing Memory Allocation 754

Section 18.2 Run-Time Type Identification 772

Section 18.3 Pointer to Class Member 780

Section 18.4 Nested Classes 786

Section 18.5 Union: A Space-Saving Class 792

Section 18.6 Local Classes 796

Section 18.7 Inherently Nonportable Features 797

Chapter Summary 805

Defined Terms 805

The first four parts of this book discussed how to use those parts of C++ that are generally useful. Those features are likely to be used at some point by almost all C++ programmers. In addition, C++ defines some features that are more specialized. Many programmers will never (or only rarely) need to use these features presented in this chapter.

18.1 Optimizing Memory ...

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