Table of Contents


About This Book

Foolish Assumptions

Icons and Other Delights

Beyond the Book

Shoot Lots of Pictures and Enjoy!

Part I: Getting Started

Chapter 1: Exploring Your Canon EOS Rebel SL1/100D

Getting in Touch with the Camera Controls

Exploring the top of the camera

Exploring the back of the camera

About the cross keys

Exploring the front of the camera

Exploring the bottom of the camera

Peering into the viewfinder

Introducing the touchscreen

Exploring Camera Connections

Modifying Basic Camera Settings

Adjusting the date and time

Modifying the auto-power off time

Adjusting the Viewfinder for Maximum Clarity

Working with Lenses

Attaching a lens

Removing a lens

Using image stabilization lenses

Using a zoom lens

About STM lenses

Using Digital Film

Working with SD cards

Formatting an SD Card

About Eye-Fi cards

Powering Your Camera

About your camera battery

Charging your camera battery

About Sensor Cleaning

Cleaning your sensor on command

Keeping your sensor clean

Accessorizing Your SL1/100D

The Care and Feeding of Your SL1/100D

Chapter 2: Creating Great Images on Auto-Pilot

Ordering from Your Camera Menu

Taking Your First Picture

Understanding Exposure and Focal Length

Focusing on an Off-Center Subject

Focusing Manually

Creating Images with Camera Scene Modes

Setting Ambience in preset scene modes and SCN modes

Choosing settings for Light/Scene-Based Shots

Creating portraits using the Portrait mode

Shooting landscapes using the Landscape mode

Shooting images ...

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