Chapter 8

Shooting and Viewing Movies


Recording your first movie using the default settings

Understanding the frame rate, frame size, and movie quality options

Adjusting audio-recording options

Controlling exposure during movie recording

Playing movies

In addition to being a stellar still-photography camera, your T6/1300D enables you to record HD (high-definition) movies. This chapter tells you what you need to know to take advantage of the movie-recording options.

remember One feature I don’t cover extensively in this chapter is focusing, which works the same way for movie shooting as it does when you use Live View to shoot a still photo. Chapter 5 details Live View focusing, so I provide just a quick recap in this chapter. Also see Chapter 1 for a list of precautions to take while Live View is engaged. (To answer your question: No, you can’t use the viewfinder for movie recording; Live View is your only option.)

Recording Your First Movie Using the Default Settings

Recording a movie using the default settings is a cinch. The following steps show you how to do it using autofocusing:

  1. Set the Mode dial to the Movie position, as shown in Figure 8-1.

    The viewfinder shuts off, and the live preview appears on the monitor.

    tip You can change the amount of data that appears onscreen ...

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