Chapter 1. Exploring the PowerShot Cameras

In This Chapter

  • About the technology

  • 4-Way Controller

  • Standard features

  • A series

  • SD series

  • G7

  • S5 IS

  • TX1

You've probably had some fun going out and taking some snapshots, but now you're ready to start on the road to great pictures with your PowerShot. The Quick Tour was just that — quick — something to give you a taste of how to work the camera. Now it is time for a more in-depth look and to begin exploring the features of your camera.

One path to learning might be to jump right in and start going through menus and settings, but I find it useful to step back first and look at the camera from a bit of a distance. That is what this chapter is all about. There is plenty of time to delve into menus when you get to Chapter 2.

Better knowledge of the various PowerShot technologies helps transform you from someone who simply presses the shutter to a photographer who captures great images. First this chapter briefly explains many of the technologies spread across the PowerShot line. Then I take a look at the various models and point out a few of the features that set each apart from the others.

About the Technology

Some of the technology mentioned here may not be included in your model of PowerShot, but being aware of the technology that makes your camera's functions work is useful for building a base for good photography. For example, your camera might not have optical image stabilization, but learning about it might help you to think about how you can improve ...

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