10 Gigabit Ethernet design rules, 88

10BASE-2 Ethernet, 83

10BASE-5 Ethernet, 83

10BASE-T Ethernet, 83

100BASE-FX Fast Ethernet, 85

100BASE-T Ethernet, 83, 85-86

100BASE-T4 Fast Ethernet, 84-85

100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, 84

100-Mbps Fast Ethernet design rules, 84-86

1000BASE-CX Gigabit Ethernet over coaxial cable, 87

1000BASE-LX long-wavelength Gigabit Ethernet, 86-87

1000BASE-SX short-wavelength Gigabit Ethernet, 87

1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet over UTP, 87


access control. See also unauthorized access

defined, 466

firewall ACLs, 487-488

identity and access control deployments, 489-490

in network virtualization design, 145

WLAN access control, 159-160

access layer in hierarchical network models, 43-44

campus LAN design best practices, ...

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