Appendix D. SNA Host Configuration for SDLC Networks

This appendix outlines router implementation information related to the following topics:

  • Front-end processor (FEP) configuration forSDLC links

  • 3174 SDLC configuration worksheet example

Table D-1 outlines 3x74 SDLC point-to-point connection support for AGS+, MGS, and CGS DCE appliques.

Table D-1. 3×74 SDLC Point-to-Point Connection Support for AGS+, MGS, and CGS DCE Appliques

Controller Type RS-232 DCE RS-232 NRZI/DCE
3274 1st Generation
• 3274-1C Supported Supported
3274 2nd Generation
• 3274-21C Not tested Supported
3274 3rd Generation
• 3274-31C Supported Not tested
• 3274-51C Supported Not tested
3274 4th Generation
3274-41C Need to tie DSR and DTR together on CU side, break DSR to router Not ...

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