Chapter 15. IPsec High Availability Options

Exam Topic List

This chapter covers the following topics that you need to master for the CCNP ISCW exam:

  • Sources of FailuresDescribes how to determine the source of a network failure in an IPsec VPN. Knowing where failures could occur can help you plan for quick recovery.

  • Failure MitigationDescribes how to avoid a failure, or how best to react when one occurs.

  • Failover StrategiesDescribes how alternative paths are used to continue the flow of data.

  • WAN Backed Up by an IPsec VPNDescribes how a nonprotected link can use an established VPN to mitigate failure.

Redundancy is typically found at various spots throughout networks. Because any path or component has the potential to fail, an alternate solution ...

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