Chapter 11. Deploying Multicast in the Multilayer Switched Network

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to Multicast and Its Functionality in the Multilayer Switched Network

  • The Functionality of Important Multicast Layer 3 Protocols—For Example, PIM and IGMP

  • Cisco Hardware-Switching Methods for Multicast

  • Constraining Multicasts at Layer 2 Using CGMP or IGMP Snooping

  • IP Multicast in Multilayer Switched Networks

  • Configuring and Monitoring IP Multicast Routing in Multilayer Switched Networks

Most campus networks today support intranet applications that operate between one sender and one receiver, referred to as unicast. In the emerging campus network, there is a demand for Internet, intranet, and multimedia applications where one sender ...

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