Character Costume Figure Drawing

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"I am particularly pleased that the author addresses CHARACTER so heavily in her presentation of material. That is, after all, what plays are about."
Madeline Ann Kozlowski, Emmy Award winning Costume Designer, Professor of Costume Design, UCI

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Acknowledgements
  7. Introduction
    1. What Makes a Good Theatrical Costume Designer?
    2. The Importance of Personality and Body Language
    3. Philosophy for Drawing
  8. Chapter 1: Drawing the Figure
    1. Proportions of the Body
    2. The Basic Bone Structure of the Body
      1. The Joints of the Body
      2. The Head, Chest, and Pelvis
      3. The Relationships between the Limbs and Body Masses
    3. The Balance of the Body
      1. Weight on Both Legs
      2. Weight on One Leg
      3. Body Leaning on an Object
    4. Figures in Action
      1. Abstract Stick Figures in Action
      2. Contouring the Stick Figure
    5. Figures in Dance
    6. Figure Poses Change through Time and Fashion
    7. Garments and Textures in Relation to the Body in Action
  9. Chapter 2: Creating the Face
    1. Proportions of the Face-Front, Profile, and Three-Quarter Views
      1. Step One: Establish the Head as an Abstract Form or Mass
      2. Step Two: Block in the Features
      3. Step Three: Contour the Features
    2. Types and Characteristics of Faces
    3. Facial Expressions
      1. How Can Proper Facial Expression Be Achieved?
      2. Emotions
    4. Positioning the Head and Neck and Directing the Eyesight
  10. Chapter 3: Figure and Facial Variations
    1. Characteristics of Different Age Groups
      1. Children’s Faces and Body Types
      2. Teenagers’ Faces and Body Types
      3. Youths’ Faces and Body Types
      4. Middle-Aged Faces and Body Types
      5. Elderly Faces and Body Types
    2. Characteristics of Different Figure Types
      1. Heavy Body Types
      2. Thin, Tall, or Short Body Types
  11. Chapter 4: Hands, Feet, and Accessories
    1. Heads and Hats
    2. Hands, Gloves, and Props
      1. Hand Proportions
      2. Relationship Angle between Hand and Wrist
    3. Feet and Shoes
  12. Chapter 5: Character Costume Design Creation
    1. What Is the Best Way to Begin?
    2. Proportion, Action, and Movement
    3. What Is the Figure Doing beneath the Garments?
    4. Detailed Costumes
    5. Outlining the Garment
    6. The Details
  13. Chapter 6: Rendering Techniques
    1. Creating Highlights and Shadows
    2. Characteristics of Materials and Drawing Strokes
    3. Painting Costumes
      1. Painting from Light to Dark
      2. Rendering Sheer Material
      3. Painting from Dark to Light
      4. Painting with Markers
      5. Creating Texture
    4. Painting the Head and Face
    5. Decorating the Background of the Costume Design
    6. Drawing Supplies
  14. Chapter 7: Costume Rendering Gallery

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  • Title: Character Costume Figure Drawing
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: April 2004
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9781136081330