Rochon, Lela: Birth, Apr 17

Rock Show, Mineral Capital (Bancroft, ON, Canada), Jul 27

Rock, Chris: Birth, Feb 7

Rockefeller, Abby Greene Aldrich: Birth Anniv, Oct 26

Rockefeller, David: Birth, Jun 12

Rockefeller, John D., IV: Birth, Jun 18

Rockefeller, John D.: Birth Anniv, Jul 8

Rockefeller, Nelson: Birth Anniv, Jul 8

Rockhound Gemboree (Bancroft, ON, Canada), Jul 31

Rockne, Knute: Birth Anniv, Mar 4

Rocks: Contin-Tail (Buena Vista, CO), Aug 7

Rockwell, Norman: Birth Anniv, Feb 3

Rocky and His Friends TV Premiere: Anniv, Nov 19

Rocky Mountain Natl Park Established: Anniv, Jan 26

Roddenberry, Gene: Birth Anniv, Aug 19

Roddick, Andy: Birth, Aug 30


Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo (Rapid City, SD), Jan 31

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Rodeo (Boys ...

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