The “Icon Cheat Sheet for Left Brainers”

You may use this handout for exercises that require your team to capture insights visually, including “Visual Timeline,” “Creative Tension Pictures,” “Innovation Storyboarding,” and more. This page provides a few ideas that will give team members confidence that they can communicate a great deal with a few simple stick figures and arrows, while also emphasizing that visual thinking is not an art contest.

You may photocopy this page for your use with your teams. Please keep the copyright statement on the page and don't use it for commercial purposes.

Icon Cheat Sheet for Left Brainers

Relax. This isn't an art contest. Your challenge is to populate your messages with meaning by accessing both right- and left-brained thinking styles. Your images will include a combination of quantitative and textbased information, as well as qualitative, metaphorical, image-based information. A few ideas are provided below to stimulate your thinking.


The 10 Story Types, the Seven Basic Plots, and the 36 Dramatic Situations

Chapter 4, “Capturing Fire,” presents several classic story templates that can inform your leadership storytelling. Here is a more inclusive list from the works referenced by Blake Snyder, Christopher Booker, and Georges Polti. What do you think? Do you envision a place for any of these in your leadership storytelling?

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