OSPF Troubleshooting

Let's examine a typical routing problem. A problem exists on one of the serial leased line between corp-a-01 and corp-b-01. One side of the leased line connected to Serial 1/0 on corp-a-01 and Serial 4/0 on corp-b-01 is assigned to a different OSPF area then the other side. Let's refer back to our case study network that was introduced in Chapter 12 (see Figure 12.1) To recap, the configuration for the serial interface on corp-a-01 is as follows:

interface Serial1/0
description Leased line to corp-b-1
ip address

The interface configuration for serial4/0 on corp-b-01 is as follows:

interface Serial4/0
description Leased line to corp-a-1
ip address

The OSPF configuration ...

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