The exam itself

This will be one of the most difficult exams you have ever taken. The following list provides an overview of the exam, and Table 1 explains the retake policy.

  • Number of questions. 250

  • Type of question. Multiple choice

  • Number of answer choices. 4 potential answers

  • Number of correct answers per question. 1 correct answer

  • Number of questions being graded. 225

  • Points per question. Weighted, based on difficulty

  • Allotted time. 6 hours

  • Questions provided by. Computer-based exam

Table 1. CISSP exam retake policy

Exam attempt

# of days before a candidate can retake the exam


30 days


90 days


180 days

There are several versions of the exam so that no two adjacent candidates will have the same questions. The exam consists of 250 multiple-choice ...

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