Chapter 2. Adapt or Die

“There are two approaches to handling change: adapt or die vs. same mess for less!”

Dekel Tankel, Senior Director of Pivotal Cloud Foundry

The first adage is true for all businesses: you either adapt and evolve to changes in the surrounding environment, or you die! As a company, you need to avoid becoming extinct. Aim to be Amazon, not Borders.

Businesses today are constantly pressured to adopt the myriad of technical driving forces impacting software development and delivery. These driving forces include:

  • Anything as a service

  • Cloud computing

  • Containers

  • Agile

  • Automation

  • DevOps

  • Microservices

  • Business-capability teams

  • Cloud-native applications

This chapter explores each of these driving forces. The next chapter will explore how Cloud Foundry is uniquely positioned to leverage these forces.

Anything As A Service

In today’s world, services have become the de facto standard. Today’s premise is anything as a service (or XaaS). Services can be publicly hosted on the web or internal to a private data center. Every layer of information technology, from networking, storage, computation, and data, right through to applications, are all offered “as a service.” We have now reached the point where if you are not leveraging compute resources as a service, it is unlikely that you are moving at the pace required to stay competitive.

The move to consuming services, beyond simply provisioning virtual machines (VMs) on demand, allows you to build your ...

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