Foreword (Rod Johnson)

We are in the midst of one of the farthest-reaching transformations in our industry’s history: the move from legacy architectures to the cloud, and from the traditional division of development and operational concerns to unified “DevOps.” Cloud Native Java tackles this transformation head-on, explaining the opportunities and challenges of writing cloud native applications and providing clear guidance as to how to succeed in doing so.

Transformations don’t happen overnight. One of the strongest points of this book is its emphasis on how to get to the cloud from where you may be today, building on your existing experience. The section on “achieving service parity,” in particular, provides an outstanding resource on how to move from legacy enterprise practices to cloud-friendly ones.

This book offers an excellent balance of theory and practice, explaining both the architectural principles of modern applications and effective, proven ways of implementing them. Practice requires making choices: not merely of programming language, but of primary open source framework, as modern applications are invariably built on top of proven open source solutions to generic problems. If you’ve chosen Java—or are open-minded about language—this is your book.

The report of my death was an exaggeration.

Mark Twain

A few years ago, reports of Java’s death were commonplace. Today, Java is thriving, and this book is a reminder of why. Java has gained a new lease on life, partly ...

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