We have reached a point that would usually count as the finish line for a story: the happy ending.

It is time to go back for a final visit with WealthGrid, where they have been working through exactly the transformation design that we explored in Chapter 11 and Chapter 12. The third time was the charm in terms of migration attempts: By applying the correct patterns in the proper order at the right times, the company was able to complete the first phase of the full transformation process. A transformation is not truly done until any remaining monoliths are re-architectured, a gradual process that will probably take another year or two to accomplish. The truly major milestone that WealthGrid has achieved, however, is that they’ve gained the ability, understanding, and awareness to do this as a natural course of business. The company is confident that they can continue to evolve; meanwhile, they can clearly see the results, and rewards, of all the progress they’ve made.

WealthGrid’s senior executives took a great deal more care to be involved with creating strategy for this third attempt, but to their credit they also recognized when it was time to get out of the way and let the middle managers and engineers take over executing the transition details. Jenny, the program manager who had catalyzed the company to go cloud native in the first place, was named Transformation Champion in recognition of her initiative and the knowledge she and her team had gained through their ...

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