Patching a CMS

In the final section of this chapter, you learn about the particulars of each CMS in terms of updates. Each one does it differently than another.

image Because technology is always changing, referring to the most current documentation before updating your CMS is best. As of this writing, what is presented here are the most current methods as documented by the CMS projects. Each CMS is in active development, meaning that updates are likely available for either your CMS or the add-ons for it.


Joomla! 1.5.xx does not offer a native means to update the CMS, but it's a very simple task to do. The CMS development team offers two versions of updates, and you can choose the one that works best for you.

Minor Version Patches

The minor version patch only updates the version from one dot release to the next.

image To obtain the minor patch updates, visit

As you can see from Figure 7-2, the Joomla! code download is currently in development version 1.6, marked as beta. The figure also shows the Joomla! files.

Figure 7-2: Joomla! minor version patch download


The packages are available as a ZIP format or a GZ format. The first of the 1.5 ...

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