THIS book is written in 10.5 point Times-Roman, with code text set in 9 point LucidaSans-Typewriter. Code examples in the text appear in 8 point Lucida-Sans-Typewriter, and in figures in 6 point LucidaSans-Typewriter. Annotations are set in 8 point Helvetica in diagrams, and in 7 point Helvetica in the listings.

The text was written using the vim and nvi editors on several computers: a Toshiba Satellite 35 running Microsoft Windows 2000 and RedHat Linux 7.1; an Acer Travel-Mate 803LMi running Microsoft Windows XP and Debian GNU/Linux; a dual 2.2MHz AMD Opteron computer running Suse linux 9.3; an IBM PC-340 running FreeBSD 4.10-stable; and a Digital DNARD (Shark) running NetBSD 1.5-ALPHA.

Text was processed using LaTeX (MiKTeX 2.1 and ...

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