Chapter 9. Wiimote Whiteboard

AUTHORS: Johnny Lee (, Boon Jin Goh (, Mike Korcynski, and Brian Peek



COST: $40 for Wii Remote (or free if you own a Nintendo Wii console), plus a couple of bucks for an IR LED, resistors, and white-erase marker

SOFTWARE: Visual C# 2008 Express, Visual Basic 2008 Express, or any full edition of Visual Studio 2008

HARDWARE: Nintendo Wii Remote, Infrared (IR) LED, normally open momentary switch button, 1.5V battery, white-erase marker, soldering iron, solder, wire



As you saw in the previous chapter using the Wii remote, the controller is quite a versatile tool that contains a number of interesting sensing capabilities and is relatively easy to connect to a PC. This chapter describes how to create a multi-point interactive whiteboard surface using the camera built into the front of each controller.

This chapter will cover only the implementation details specific to creating an interactive whiteboard. It assumes that you have already successfully connected a Wii remote to a Bluetooth-compatible computer. If you are uncertain about how to do this, refer to Chapter 8 for instructions.

Defining an Interactive Whiteboard

When introduced to schools in 1801, the chalkboard was lauded as one of the most powerful and important educational tools ever created. It provides a lecturer with the ability to quickly and ...

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