About the Authors

PART ONE: Introduction to Cash CDOs

CHAPTER 1: Cash CDO Basics

Why Study CDOs?

Understanding CDOs

Credit Structures

A CDO Structural Matrix

CDOs Being Offered Today

Parties to a CDO

CHAPTER 2: Cash Flow CDOs

Distribution of Cash Flows

Restrictions on Management: Safety Nets

Credit Ratings

Call Provisions in CDO Transactions

PART TWO: Loans and CLOs

CHAPTER 3: High-Yield Loans: Structure and Performance

The Loan Market

The Syndication Process

Loan Structure and Leaders

Loan Interest Rates and Upfront Fees

Loan Credit Quality

Lender's Liability

Overview of Loan Terms

Loan Terms versus Bond Terms

A Tale of Two Loans

The Secondary Market

Loan Recovery Rates

Loan Default Rates

High-Yield Loan CLO versus High-Yield Bond CBO Performance


CHAPTER 4: European Bank Loans and Middle Market Loans

European Bank Loans

Middle Market Loans


PART THREE: Structured Finance CDOs and Collateral Review

CHAPTER 5: Review of Structured Finance Collateral: Mortgage-Related Products

Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities

Real Estate Investment Trust Debt

CHAPTER 6: Review of Structured Finance Collateral: Nonmortgage ABS

Credit Card Receivable-Backed Securities

Auto Loan-Backed Securities

Student Loan-Backed Securities

SBA Loan-Backed Securities

Aircraft Lease-Backed Securities

Franchise Loan-Backed Securities

Rate Reduction Bonds

CHAPTER 7: Structured Finance Default and Recovery Rates

Structured Finance versus ...

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