Section 1.5 Solving Other Types of Equations

Before Starting this Section, Review

  1. 1 Factoring (Section P.4 )

  2. 2 Rational expressions (Section P.5 )

  3. 3 Rational exponents and radicals (Section P.6 , page 61)

  4. 4 Quadratic equations (Sections 1.3 and 1.4)


  1. 1 Solve equations by factoring.

  2. 2 Solve rational equations.

  3. 3 Solve equations involving radicals.

  4. 4 Solve equations with rational exponents.

  5. 5 Solve equations that are quadratic in form.

Time Dilation

Do you ever feel as though time moves really quickly or really slowly? For example, don’t the hours fly by when you are hanging out with your best friend and the seconds drag on endlessly ...

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