Section 1.4 Complex Numbers: Quadratic Equations with Complex Solutions

Before Starting this Section, Review

  1. 1 Properties of real numbers (Section P.1 , page 12)

  2. 2 Special products (Section P.3 , pages 34 and 37)

  3. 3 Factoring (Section P.4 )


  1. 1 Define complex numbers.

  2. 2 Add and subtract complex numbers.

  3. 3 Multiply complex numbers.

  4. 4 Divide complex numbers.

  5. 5 Solve quadratic equations having complex solutions.

Alternating Current Circuits

In the early days of the study of alternate current (AC) circuits, scientists concluded that AC circuits were somehow different from the battery-powered direct current (DC) circuits. However, both ...

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