Section P.3 Polynomials

Before Starting This Section, Review

  1. 1 Associative, commutative, and distributive properties (Section p.1 , page 12)

  2. 2 Properties of opposites (Section P.1 , page 13)

  3. 3 Definition of subtraction (Section P.1 , page 13)

  4. 4 Rules for exponents (Section P.2 , page 27)


  1. 1 Learn polynomial vocabulary.

  2. 2 Add and subtract polynomials.

  3. 3 Multiply polynomials.

  4. 4 Use special-product formulas.

Galileo and Free-Falling Objects

At one time, it was widely believed that heavy objects should fall faster than lighter objects, or, more exactly, that the speed of falling objects ought to be proportional to their weights. So ...

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