approval by the loan committee. Remember, basic information found
on a loan application such as the borrower’s name, address, phone
number, employer, income, and basic property information is never
enough and should always be supplemented with a complete loan
request package. A loan r equest package is similar to a business plan
and highlights the salient facts of the loan transaction. A standard
commercial loan request package is divided into six sections with the
following headings:
1. Executive Summary
2. Property Description
3. Location and Demographics
4. Property Economics
5. Market & Submarket Data
6. Sponsorship
Executive Summary
The first section of the loan request package is the executive summa-
ry, which is a two- or three-page summary of all of the parts of the
entire package; the remaining sections contain the supporting mate-
rial that the executive summary has highlighted. The executive sum-
mary is really the heart and soul of the loan request package and is
the first section the lender will read. Whenever a lender needs more
details about a certain fact presented in the executive summary, he or
she can simply refer to the relevant supporting section at a later time.
An executive summary is an abbreviated narrative or list of all of
the salient facts about the loan request, the property, a nd the bor-
rower. It is much more detailed than the loan application but is brief
enough that a loan officer can quickly make a decision about whether
the bank is interested in making the loan. The idea is to provide as
Preparing the Loan Request Package

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