Chapter 6. Things Either Are or They Aren't

How do you know if you're making progress toward your objective? Because things either are or they aren't; things either are done or they're not. This chapter describes how to know the difference.



An employee is working on a task for you. You ask him how it's going. He says, “I'm 90 percent done.” What does this mean?

  1. He had 100 widgets to process and he has processed 90 of them; therefore 10 remain to be done.

  2. He's done a whole bunch of work over the last few days.

  3. He had 10 days to do the task and this is the ninth one. Therefore, he must be 90 percent done.

  4. The deadline is approaching fast and he wants to make both you and himself feel good.


(a) 5 points

Yes, this could indeed be true. However, ...

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