Chapter 14

Competitive Intelligence and the Development of Corporate Universities1

14.1. Introduction

In light of the new entrepreneurial context, organizations must reconsider their strategies, field of action, margins for maneuver, and the means at their disposition. More than ever, this new paradigm demands an innovative vision of problems and a different perspective in order to guarantee higher levels of competitiveness. This innovative vision is intimately linked to knowledge, the ethics of knowledge, and knowledge sharing — three inseparable aspects.

Economic intelligence and competitive intelligence (CI) play a growing role within this global framework and are becoming essential instruments for business success in a highly competitive economy. It is only by anticipation of results and access to innovative strategies for the application of renewed solutions that businesses may now emerge victorious.

Work within a cooperative network, with the aim of increasing and differentiating productivity and the creation of new contracts, must be made more dynamic. Businesses working within such networks obtain benefits which increase their competitive advantage [POR 98].

In this chapter, we will consider CI as a tool for decision assistance. We will also analyze the relationship between CI and corporate universities by studying the ways in which these establishments can play a role in the provision of economic impetus.

To summarize, the relationship between CI and corporate universities ...

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