Inductors in AC Circuits

28 Figure 6.40 shows a voltage divider circuit using an inductor, rather than a capacitor.

As with previous problems, consider all the inputs to be pure sine waves. Like the capacitor, the inductor cannot change the frequency of a sine wave, but it can reduce the amplitude of the output voltage.

The simple circuit, as shown in Figure 6.40, opposes current flow.

A. What is the opposition to current flow called? _____
B. What is the formula for the reactance of the inductor? _____
C. Write out the formula for the opposition to the current flow for this circuit. _____
A. Impedance
B. XL = 2πfL.
C. equation

In many cases, the DC resistance of the inductor is low, so assume that it is 0 ohms. For the next two problems, make that assumption in performing your calculations.

29 You can calculate the voltage output for the circuit shown in Figure 6.41 with the voltage divider formula.


What is the formula for Vout? _____


30 Find the output voltage for the circuit shown in Figure 6.42.

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