A Complete Maturity Model

As we’ve looked at various forms of monitoring, we’ve considered a maturity model that begins with basic technical visibility and moves toward a more integrated, comprehensive perspective of your entire online presence. Table 18-1 shows the questions an organization is trying to answer at each level of maturity.

Table 18-1. The questions an organization answers at each level of web monitoring maturity across various forms of monitoring


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


Technical details

Minding your own house

Engaging the Internet

Building relationships

Web business strategy


How many hits did I get?

How many conversions have I had?

What segments or sites are sending me the most, best traffic?

How loyal are my users, and what’s their lifetime value? What content works best for them?

What KPIs should I use to manage my organization? How are online and offline channels related?


What did visitors see and click?

Where in a form or a page do users get stuck or abandon? How can I improve my design?

How do different visitor segments interact with my site?

How long does it take for people to learn the application? Where do they get stuck? Can I resolve their problems by having their sessions in my CRM?

Can I automatically serve optimal content and navigation for different segments and levels of visitor experience? How efficient/productive are users?


What do emails and “contact us” forms say about visitor satisfaction?

When I intercept visitors, what do they tell ...

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