Chapter 1. Source Code Management

Chapter Overview

1.1 Why Is Source Code Management Important? 6

1.2 Where Do I Start? 7

1.3 Source Code Management Core Concepts 9

1.4 Defect and Requirements Tracking 16

1.5 Managing the Globally Distributed Development Team 17

1.6 Tools Selection 19

1.7 Recognizing the Cost of Quality (and Total Cost of Ownership) 23

1.8 Training 24

1.9 Defining the Usage Model 25

1.10 Time to Implement and Risks to Success 26

1.11 Establishing Your Support Process 26

1.12 Advanced Features and Empowering Your Users 27

Source code management is the discipline of safeguarding all the artifacts that are created to develop your system. Source code management is a key function in configuration management (CM) and directly impacts ...

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