Chapter 22. Marker Resolution — Invoking a Long-Running Operation

We have a left over TODO from Chapter 16. We still need to implement the Rerun Marker Resolution:

Example . org.eclipse.contribution.junit/RerunMarkerResolutionGenerator

public IMarkerResolution [] getResolutions(IMarker marker)  {
    IMarkerResolution resolution= new IMarkerResolution() {
     public String getLabel() {
       return "Re-run test";
     public void run(IMarker marker) {
       // TODO implement this
       System.out.println("not implemented yet");
    return new IMarkerResolution[]  {resolution};

The purpose of the marker resolution is to give the user a quick way to fix, or at least investigate, the problem represented by the marker. We would like to quickly rerun a failed test, perhaps after ...

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