The Rosen Velocity Scale™
The Rosen Velocity Scale is a business process tool used to drive and measure the speed with which the communication stimulates an interaction between the individual and the brand. It can be applied to all media. That’s right; we can actually tune the assertiveness of any communication to the level of interaction we want it to have with the individual. Using this tool allows us to strategically plot out the desired velocity for each communication in a campaign that uses multiple media and predetermine the speed of interaction for each piece of the campaign. We then measure to see if we achieved the anticipated planned results.
There is a lot more to this than meets the eye, or ear, for that matter. Designing an advertisement to meet the desired result requires a specific balance of image, copy, offer, and target. Each element affects the pull of the ad and must be critically considered to achieve the predetermined result. Please see Figure 4.1. Have fun, for many a person after a speech has walked up to me and simply said, “Thank you. You have saved me years.” As you go through it, think about what it looks like in print and how you might adapt it for all other media.
Figure 4.1 The Rosen Velocity Scale
The scale goes from V1 to V10. The far left, at V1, represents Extreme Brand. At the opposite end of the scale, V10 represents ...

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