Convergent Journalism an Introduction

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Learn how to deliver news in any and all media. This one volume teaches you how to master all of the skills needed to be a converged journalist. Don't think only broadcast or print. Think online, air waves, magazines, PDAs, cell phones and electronic paper. Convergent Journalism an Introduction explains what makes a news story effective today and how to recognize the best medium for a particular story. That medium may be the web, broadcast, radio, or a newspaper or magazine - or, more likely, all of the above. This text will explain how a single story can fulfil its potential through any media channel. Convergent Journalism an Introduction shows you, the news writer, editor, reporter, and producer how to tailor a story to meet the needs of various media, so your local news story can be written in a form appropriate for the web, print, PDA screen and broadcast.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. 1. What Is Convergence and How Will It Affect My Life?
    1. Fragmenting Audiences
    2. Technology
    3. Social and Legal Structural Factors Affecting Convergence
    4. “Easy” versus “Difficult” Convergence
    5. How Widespread Is Convergence?
    6. Business Models and Convergence
    7. Cultural Factors
    8. Why Is This Book Needed?
  8. 2. The Multimedia Assignment Editor and Producer
    1. Advantages of Each Medium
    2. Covering the News in the Multimedia World
    3. Covering Breaking News
  9. 3. Words: The Foundation Stone of Journalism
    1. Technology and Toys Can’t Save You
    2. How to Write Well
    3. Welcome Back, Old Friend
    4. Putting It Together
    5. The Editing Process
    6. Conclusion
  10. 4. Broadcast Writing and Speaking
    1. Rules for Readability
    2. Rules for Understandability
    3. Story Formats
    4. A Closer Look
  11. 5. Writing for the Web
    1. Traditional News Writing and the Web
    2. Telling Your Story through Multiple Media
    3. Blogs: Do-It-Yourself Journalism
    4. Changing Attitudes to Fit the Web
  12. 6. Converged Graphics Across All Media
    1. Information Graphics History
    2. Role of the Graphics Reporter
    3. One Story, Multiple Graphics
    4. The Power of Information Graphics
  13. 7. Digital Still Photography
    1. The Power of the Still Photograph
    2. Impact of Technology on Photographic Reporting
    3. The Democratization of Photography
    4. The Birth of Modern Photojournalism
    5. The Digital Age
    6. Picture Editing for Different Media
    7. Photographers’ Responsibilities for Different Media
    8. Conflicting Ethical Standards among Media Outlets
    9. Positive and Negative Aspects of the Multiple-Medium Photographer
  14. 8. Digital Video Photography
    1. The Professional Television Camera
    2. White and Black Balancing
    3. Composing Images for the Screen, Television, and Computer
    4. Audio: A Sound Foundation
    5. Putting It All Together to Tell a Story
    6. Story Building
    7. Get to Work
  15. 9. Editing for Moving Pictures
    1. A Brief Look at Nonlinear Editing Software
    2. In the Field
    3. Part 1: The FCP Interface
    4. Part 2: The NLE Process
    5. Conclusion
  16. 10. Multimedia Journalism: Putting It All Together
    1. Multimedia Skills
    2. The Multimedia Process
  17. 11. Multimedia Advertising
    1. Advertising Defined
    2. A Little Bit of History
    3. A New Electronic Mass Medium Is Born
    4. Media Advertising: A Game of Eyeballs
    5. Weaving a Web of New Media
    6. Searching for Ad Revenues on the Web
    7. E-Mail: The Internet Killer APP That’s Getting Spammed
    8. Making It Personal on the Internet
    9. Staying Connected with Instant Messaging
    10. Let the Games Begin
    11. Blogs Move Mainstream … and Mobile
    12. Advertising Grows as New Digital Media Evolves
    13. Advertisers Evolve to Multimedia
    14. Personalized Media: The Future of Advertising
    15. The Consumer Has the Power
  18. 12. Multimedia Public Relations
    1. Public Relations in the Digital Age: What’s Changed and What Hasn’t
    2. Using Multimedia to Build Relationships
    3. Using Multimedia to Communicate with the Media
    4. Using Multimedia to Communicate with Employees
    5. Using Multimedia to Communicate with Communities
    6. Conclusion
  19. 13. Where Do We Go from Here? Possibilities in a Convergent Future
    1. “The Future” of Media
    2. Changes in How We Work, Not What We Do
    3. Everything Is Knowable
  20. About the Authors
  21. Index

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  • Title: Convergent Journalism an Introduction
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2005
  • Publisher(s): Focal Press
  • ISBN: 9781136034817