Chapter 2. Raw Materials and Development Environment

Topics in This Chapter

2.1 Use Developer Tools

2.2 Obtain Assets

2.3 Use CSS Backgrounds

2.4 Generate Favicons

2.5 Shorten the Coding Cycle

2.6 Conclusion

2.7 Exercises

In this book we build a game. Like all builders, we must gather raw materials and become competent with our tools before we begin. For most games, the following raw materials are standard fare:

• Graphics

• Sound effects

• Music

The following, which add some polish to your HTML5 game, are optional:

• A favicon

• A webpage background

• An animated GIF

Favicons are small images that browsers display either in the address bar or in a tab. Webpage backgrounds can be images or, as is the case with Snail Bait, they can ...

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