Chapter 11. JSTL Reference

Topics in This Chapter

  • Action Reference Index

  • General-Purpose Actions

  • Conditional Actions

  • Iteration Actions

  • URL Actions

  • Internationalization Actions

  • Formatting Actions

  • Database Actions

  • XML Core Actions

  • XML Flow Control Actions

  • XML Transform Actions

JSTL 1.0 has 42 actions, each of which has an average of two syntaxes and four attributes. That's a lot of information, most of which will eventually become second nature to you the more you use JSTL. In the meantime, this chapter provides a handy reference that summarizes each action with brief discussions of the action's syntaxes, attributes, and error handling.

JSTL provides four tag libraries, which are listed in Table 11.1.

Table 11.1. JSTL Tag Libraries




See ...

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