Chapter 11. FLICKR


Figure 11.1. 11-1

As the grid of images In Figure 11-1 illustrates, flickr offers something for everyone's photographic tastes and interests, from black-and-white street photography to flower macros. It provides an excellent environment where you can not only store your photographs but where you can participate in a wide variety of groups, make sets of your similar photographs, learn new techniques and skills, and share your photography experience with other like-minded people.

Participating in a community such as flickr makes sense to the photographer who wants to build an online presence or simply maximize his photography experience. Prominently, of course, is the fact that flickr has some half-million members and thus, some half-million potential viewers and, in a manner, teachers. Flickr presents a wide range of activities that can help in making you both a better photographer and photo blogger, and help you get the most satisfaction from your photographic hobby.

Storing Your Photos

Although you can store your photos on your own server, it makes a great deal of sense to keep them in a single location from which you can organize and manage them and use them on your blog or for other purposes. Flickr has two account types to meet your needs and budget. A free account ...

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